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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

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Myers Briggs is one of the best known and widely used personality test based coaching. A simple questionnaire is designed to quickly allow you to explore your personality to identify your strengths and where you differ from others.

A sample of practical real life applications are:

  • Managing Staff - What are a person's natural strengths? What positions will lead them to be most productive, motivated, and content? How can we help the members of our team work together more harmoniously?  
  • Guiding Careers - What types of jobs and positions will a person find most fulfilling? What will a person excel at?
  • Improving Interpersonal Relationships - How can we best relate to and communicate with other personality types to maximize understanding. How can we build tolerance and use our different personality types to find a balance and enhance compatibility.
  • Developing Education and Training - Which teaching methods will ensure that all personality types benefit from the information presented? How do we differentiate instruction and improve comprehension?
  • Coaching and Advising People - How can we help people understand themselves better, identify their strengths, and address their weaknesses? What approach would be most effective when offering guidance?

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